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Spit on Mbappé, a sad operation is triggered

July 3, 2023

PSG will resume training in a week, and unless the situation turns around, Kylian Mbappé will be there. On the side of Madrid, the attitude of the French star annoys, even to the point that the media are trying to attack the image of the Parisian striker.

” Mbappé looks like an accountant “. This is the kind of title that can be found on the front page of the Spanish media concerning the possible transfer of the French striker from Paris Saint Germainand the footballer with 54 goals this season is not the only one to take dearly, since his mother, Fayza lamaridoes not escape the attacks on the financial aspect of the management of the career of Kylian Mbappe. For a few days, and for lack of knowing more about the state of the negotiations between the 24-year-old striker and Paris Saint-Germain, some are now attacking the image of the French footballer by suggesting that he and his entourage would think only of money, even to the point of managing his career solely on financial criteria.

Mbappé targeted by critics in Spain
This Monday, in the columns of brandRoberto Palomar, who is one of the main editorial writers for the sports daily close to the real Madridfires red balls on Kylian mbappe. ” It is logical and human that everyone wants to obtain the maximum financial return on their professional activity. But, there are areas in which, when this financial need is met and even at the risk of falling into greed by sacrificing what we love, it can be counterproductive. Mbappé is a living example of this Mbappé looks like an accountant: the time he has left at PSG, his maneuvers to renew his contract, his loyalty bonus to the French club, his transfer bonus if he leaves free, what he asks the club to leave, his double play, his erratic and unconvincing statements… “, swings the journalist, who is not the only one to indulge in this little game.

Other media, including the very Madrid Defense Central, attacked not only the 20022 world vice-champion, but also his mother, who was also accused of making her choices purely for the sake of profit. Fayza Lamari been the subject of strong criticism, some even going so far as to advise Kylian Mbappe to no longer entrust his interests to his mother on pain of losing himself in his career. Obviously, this whole campaign hardly hides the concern that there is on the side of the Merengues concerning a possible new failure of negotiations with the one who has already escaped three times Florentino Perez. THE Paris Saint Germain is never as strong as when under pressure and the little music of a new extension begins to rise on the side of the champions of France. So, to prepare for a possible failure, Spain raises its voice and wants to believe that everything is a story of money, as always when it comes to PSG.

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